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The House of the Future. This was the common thread running through the two-day Comfort Domus event, organised by Diasen, which brought more than forty engineers, architects and technicians from all over Italy to Fabriano for a technical in-depth meeting and a visit to the city’s many beauties.

“The ecological and sustainable approach is going to change the world of construction,” explains Diego Mingarelli, CEO of Diasen. “With Covid, we rediscovered comfort, the centrality of the home to our lives, and how important it is to choose materials that confer wellbeing. And then we wanted to make our marvellous Marche region known, finally returning to presence”. 

In summary, the House of the Future must have enviable qualities in terms of respect for the environment, energy performance and comfort. “We hosted this initiative because we wanted to make the design world aware of the technologies that are born from the work of our young people thanks to the collaboration with local universities and other scientific partners” added Diego Mingarelli “What will the House of the Future be like? It will have to be sustainable, low impact and comfortable. There are new frontiers in thermal insulation that allow houses to be beautiful and consume little”.


The two days had a moment of sociability and cultural sharing with the tour developed by Diasen that touched important stages of Fabriano historical centre: the Paper Museum, the Gentile Theatre, the Oratory of Charity, the Cathedral of San Venanzo, the Church of San Benedetto and the Oratory of Gonfalone.

These are not just moments of pleasure and entertainment, but fundamental elements of Diasen Experience, initiatives that involve professionals from all over the world and are part of an all-round promotion of the philosophy of ‘Costruire Mediterraneo’ and of the territory as an identity space. In this positive climate of ideas on the future of the sustainable home, the new Diasen solution was also launched. It Ensures excellent performance compared to a traditional screed:

  • 4 times lighter;
  • 5 times more insulating;
  • 6 times more resistant with a minimum thickness of 3 cm;
  • can be directly coated with flooring;

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The new Diathonite was launched on 7 April 2022.