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We are BCorp

Responsibility, transparency and sustainability

“It is not in the stars that our destiny is preserved, but in ourselves.”
William Shakespeare

Since January 2018 Diasen is a BCorp company and is part of a global network of over 2000 voluntarily satisfying companies – certified by B Corporation, issued by B Lab, a non-profit organization based in Wayne, in Pennsylvania – standards of transparency, accountability and sustainability.

Diasen is one of the few B Corp companies in the Marche region and one of the first in Italy which at the beginning of 2021 amounted to just over 300 units. B Corp attests to our options every day and relaunches crucial values:

  • Sense of challenge
  • Ethical reorganization
  • Generational commitment
  • Redistribution of value
  • Rooted in the territory
  • Enhancement of the territorial and work community

Since September 2020, Diasen is also a Benefit Corporation and, as required by Italian law, has recognized its commitment by rewriting the corporate purpose of the company bylaws.

Learn more about the world of Benefit Corporation and BCorp certification by visiting the official website.


Diasen pursues the following aims of common benefit:

  1. The promotion of a culture of living well-being of which ethics is the cornerstone for environmental sustainability.
  2. The development of a work environment based on satisfaction and well-being to consolidate the sense of belonging to the company.
  3. The diffusion of circular economy production models oriented towards the culture of reuse.
  4. The commitment to enhance the centrality of work, the role of the communities involved and the balance of the reference ecosystem.
  5. Carrying out research and development activities aimed at reducing the environmental impact of products.
  6. The commitment to the protection of inland communities, the promotion of the values ​​of local roots and the enhancement of the proximity relationship between the local community and the company.