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The formula for thermal comfort



Diatherm, a simple, fast and intuitive online software to perform thermal calculations in line with the new dynamic hourly calculation model proposed by EN ISO 52016-1.

Diatherm, aimed at the network of designers (engineers, architects and industry professionals), allows them to identify the best technological solution for summer and winter thermal insulation, reproducing the consumption and environmental conditions of the building in real use, starting from the climatic conditions of the area.

architettura sostenibile

Thermal Comfort and Living Wellbeing

The ‘perception’ of the microclimate determines the actual level of thermal comfort of a living space.

In this context, there are several environmental variables to be considered: air temperature, the possible formation of mould and condensation, the type of activities carried out inside the home, the different thermal sensitivities of people.

Therefore, when designing a building, it is important to carefully study the value and dimensions of thermal comfort.

The New Thermal Regulation

The new thermal standard UNI EN ISO 52016-1:2018 as of 1 March 2018 replaced UNI EN ISO 13790, superseding the old seasonal and monthly calculation methods.

But what distinguishes the new standard?

  • A new dynamic hourly calculation method for heating and cooling
  • A functional integration of the calculation method for heat loads (winter and summer)
  • More reliable results as it considers the actual conditions of use of the building


An understandable, reproducible and transparent model