Sismactive Thermal System

The comfort of security


1. Diathonite Sismactive
2. Calce Storica
3. Polites AR 330
4. Elites F1
5. Elites F2
6. Elites L
7. Sismabond


  • Anti-seismic renovation
  • Structural reinforcement

Solution for

  • Reduction for seismic risk


  • Masonry
  • Brick
  • Plaster
  • Stone
  • Tuff


The structural reinforcement system

The seismic improvement of masonry buildings is a great global challenge of prevention with respect to the seismic danger, of investment in the safety of people and of enhancement and recovery of the real estate assets of communities and countries. Sismactive Thermal System offers an effective response to this conservation need, overcoming the traditional techniques used up to now.

Sismactive Thermal System with Composite Reinforced Mortar (CRM)
, a system based on a reinforcement armature, consisting of pre-formed glass fiber meshes and corners embedded in a lime-based structural mortar.

Thanks to Diathonite Sismactive, structural thermal mortar M10 based on cork and lime, the system is able to guarantee seismic and thermal performance, resulting in performance both on the safety side and on the side of thermal well-being and living comfort.

The components of an innovative solution

Diathonite Sismactive

It is a thermal, natural, ready-to-use, cork-based mortar made up of clay, diatomaceous earth and hydraulic binder. Thanks to the presence of cork and its mechanical properties, it is a light product that does not overload the walls.

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Calce Storica

It is a mortar characterized by great mechanical resistance and is made up of natural hydraulic lime NHL 5, hydrated lime and natural mineral aggregates. Ideal for consolidating and restoring masonry structures in seismic areas.

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Polites AR 330

It is a fiberglass mesh that is used as a reinforcement armor for CRM structural systems of which it globally improves ductility and resistance to corrosion processes thanks to the alkaline component that characterizes its nature.

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Elites F1; Elites F2

They are transverse AR fiberglass connectors designed for structural reinforcement of masonry, arches and vaults. It features a rigid pre-formed center segment with one or both ends that can be unhooked.

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Elites L

It is a pre-formed connector in fiberglass with resin designed for the structural reinforcement of masonry and suitable for the adaptation of buildings located in seismic risk areas.

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It is a high performance epoxy resin for heavy and seismic fasteners that has excellent mechanical and thermal characteristics. It is ideal for anchoring glass fiber connectors in CRM structural reinforcement systems.

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