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Multifunctional products to coat, protect and preserve, according to any different needs, any kind of structure.


Floorgum Paint

Ultra-resistant acrylic coating for pedestrian surfaces, like terraces, roofs, cycle paths, multi-sport surfaces, professional tennis courts. Available in many different colours, the material is highly resistant to UV rays, stagnant water and weathering agents.

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Colored finish with high resistance to be used for boundary lines in playing area of Sport Flooring systems.

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Floorgum Tyre Mono

Mono component multipurpose synthetic coating suitable for vehicles.

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Ultra reflective protective coating, self clearing and photocatalytic.

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Pool Protector

One component satinized coating for painting concrete pools and tanks

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Aquafloor Eco

Two component, polyurethane and transparent water-based coating for the protection of multipurpose coatings realized in acrilyc or epoxy resin. Increase the abrasion resistance and allows to leave raw the original texture of the product that needs the coating.

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Epofill Kit

Multipurpose epoxy filler.

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Epokoat Epoxy Paint

Multipurpose epoxy paint.

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