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Our cork is different

Cork is the differentiating factor, the element of uniqueness and the decisive column of the sustainable and circular identity of Diasen, a strategic component of our ecological plasters and paints for green building.


For Diasen, cork is the noble material of living comfort, the essence of a formulation research that looks to the future by recovering the wisdom, vision and experience of “Mediterranean Building”


The decortication step

The first extraction of cortex – called “demaschiatura” – takes place when the tree reaches about twenty-five years of age, from it, the cork is obtained. After the first extraction, the cortex is decorticated every ten years and will give the so-called gentle cork that ensures quality and performance.

The protagonists of decortication are professionals organized in teams that hand down the craft from generation to generation. This makes them “forest artists” and a fragile working community because decortication is an artisan and seasonal activity that does not make it particularly attractive.
After the summer harvesting, the outdoor seasoning and the boiling of the planks, the cork is ready for the production of one-piece corks, extracted directly from the bark and intended for fine wines and evolution.


Renovable and Sustainable

Cork is a raw material:

Renewable because the bark naturally regenerates every ten years;

Sustainable because the need for cork can only be met through the protection of each individual oak tree and through the multiplication and preservation of forests.

Judiciously chosen

Cork is not the child of a lesser god because the vocabulary of the supply chain does not include the word “waste”. Each gram has its own usefulness and outlet:


Diathonite Universe

The products of Diathonite line are inspired by the need to meet increasingly demanding and widespread demands and needs of thermal comfort, energy saving and living comfort.

decork sughero

Decork line

Diasen cork-based finishes are the perfect solution for those who want an innovative final effect in terms of thermal capacity, elasticity and water repellence, able to make any environment unique.

A hidden treasure of properties and performance

The hidden treasure of cork can be found in its structure made of millions of alveolar cells that incorporate air, drawing an impressive sequence of regular cavities and a cushion structure sealed by suberin, a waxy and hydrophobic layer that makes up almost half of the substance present in the cortex.

No raw material, better or more than cork, can represent the sustainable mindset of Diasen and our solutions.

Cork is able to synthesize the need to be different, to act by choosing unexplored spaces and quality niches that require intelligent solutions, specific skills and innovative and brilliant approaches.

Cork is not a passing fad, but a body to body with the future because in the ecological mortars and Diasen finishes performance, balance, healthiness, harmony and durability come together in an admirable alchemy of craftsmanship and thought. Cork is a sign of air. That motionless air enclosed in the cavities of porous materials that, together with cork, give lightness and breathability to our products.


Nature has a special role: that of first partner for Diasen.