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Diathonite Deumix+

Lime, cork, clay
and hydraulic lime (NHL5)
based moisture managing
plaster and salt inhibitor


μ = 4

Excellent vapour permeability coefficient for always dry walls. Thanks to the high permeability,



The porousness of the plaster allows it to absorb and dispose of moisture and condensation.

Absorption by capillarity


Quick disposal of moisture.

Heat resistance

0,125 m²K/W

A high thermal comfort that guarantees an always dry wall.

Thermal conductivity

λ = 0,080 W/mK

Limits the formation of interstitial condensation and contributes to energy saving.

Compressive strength

6,8 N/mm²

High resistance, durability and stability over time.

Fire resistant


Classified in class A1 according to UNI EN ISO 13501-1. No flame generation and no smoke emission.

Sustainability certifications

Identifies Diathonite Deumix+ as a low environmental impact product with a sustainability that involves all phases of its life cycle.

Recognizes that Diathonite Deumix+ has the ability to contribute to healthier spaces, healthy air, better thermal comfort and energy saving.

Performance certifications

The CE marking identifies Diathonite Deumix+ as a product complying with European construction standards and the rules governing its distribution and use.

The UKCA marking identifies Diathonite Deumix+ as a product complying with UK construction standards and the rules governing its distribution and use.

SSc Heat Island Reduction – Option1
MRc BPDO – EPD Option1
Sourcing of Raw Materials – Option 2
Material Ingredients – Option 2
EQc Low – Emitting materials
LEED v4.1 BD+C e ID+C
SSc Heat Island Reduction – Option 1
MRc EPD – Option1
MRc Sourcing of Raw Materials
MRc Material Ingredients Option 2
EQc Low – Emitting materials
X01.1 Material Restrictions
Restrict Asbestos
X02.1 Interior Hazardous Materials Management
Manage Asbestos Hazards
X01.3 Material Restrictions
Restrict Lead
X05.2 Enhanced Material Restrictions
Part 2 Select Compliant Architectural
And Interior Product
X06 VOC Restrictions
X08.1 Materials Optimization – Select Materials With Enhanced Chemical Restrictions option 1

Restoration and moisture management of walls affected by rising damp and salt deposits.

To speed up drying of residual moisture in the wall after treatment for damp.

  • It’s breathable and capillary active properties transport excess moisture or dampness rapidly out of the wall to the surface where it quickly and harmlessly evaporates.
  • Can be applied on internal or external solid stone or masonry walls where rising damp and salt deposits can occur.
  • Excellent compression resistance.
  • Excellent water repellent properties: unaffected by cycles of high and low moisture
  • Non combustible: class A1.
  • Low thermal conductivity.
  • Prevents salt deposits (efflorescence).
  • Perfectly compatible with lime and silicate mineral finishes.
  • Respects the thermo-hygrometric balance of the support.
  • Suitable for uneven walls and damp masonry by hand or with plastering machine.
  • Product with double CE (EN 998-1 and EN 998-2) and
    double UKCA (BS EN 998-1 and BS EN 998-2) certification.

Convento de Jesus of Setúbal: excellent performance on restoration works

“Architecture means building environment for the people, universities, museums, schools, concert halls: these are all places that become outposts against barbarism.”

Renzo Piano

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