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Research and development

We increase our knowledge to improve our products.

The Diasen brand with its solutions is synonymous of success and performance in the constructions market.

This standard is the result of a constant commitment, of an ethic of non-fulfillment. It pushes the company to invest in research, to equip itself with advanced equipment and machinery, to focus on young researchers who dare and do not fear initiative. The world’s dynamism needs those people who have the future ahead. Research & Development, in this permanent attempt to anticipate the market and its trends, is the beating heart of innovation, the reason being of a company that follows the imperative of differentiation, capturing its strength, breath and future projection.

Diasen invests around 5% of a growing turnover in research, a benefit that allows it to maintain the excelent level of innovation in a context in which sustainability and low environmental impact forcefully push it along new and unexplored frontiers.

Research & Development, in order to achieve the biggest impact, needs a system of perspectives, a synergy that knows how to go beyond the company, to open up to collaborations, who are capable of involving universities and national and international research centers. There is no Research & Development if ideas and points of view do not circulate.

For this reason Diasen, in 2018, inaugurated the GREEN FUTURE ACADEMY, a space dedicated to professionals, schools, the academic world and research, with the ambition to characterizes itself as center for sharing new ideas, green awareness, research and synonymous of circular economy. Diasen ha salso the aim of becoming a real network for the production and sharing of sustainable know-how. Sustainability needs a company capable of taking the best of the past tradition of Mediterranean building and to project it into the future. The Desire to transfer its knowledge to all those interested people in becoming explorers and interpreters. Diasen is there.