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Diathonite Sismactive

The ecological mortar for structural and thermal reinforcement

The effectiveness of a new system

Diathonite Sismactive is the main focus of an innovative system that simultaneously guarantees seismic and thermal performances; a lime-based structural mortar M10 for reinforcing masonry with CRM systems (Composite Reinforced Mortar).

Compressive strength

Class M10

High compressive strength (10 N / mm²) capable of giving the wall greater consistency and stability.

CRM System

Composite Reinforced Mortar

Investment in the safety of people and enhancement of real estate assets.

Flexural Strength

2,3 N/mm2

It adapts to the geometries of the surface and to any seismic shocks.

Fire Resistant


Classified in class A1 according to UNI EN ISO 13501-1. No flame generation and no smoke emission.

Thermal Conductivity

λ = 0,065 W/mK

A high thermal comfort that guarantees a wall that is always dry.

CAM Certified

The best solution from an environmental point of view along the life cycle of the building, taking into account the availability of the market.

Low VOCs

Sustainable. The material has been certified for the low emission of volatile organic compounds into the environment.

Sustainability certifications

It identifies Diathonite Sismactive as a low environmental impact product with a sustainability that involves all phases of its life cycle.

Performance certifications

The CE marking recognizes that Diathonite Sismactive conforms to European construction standards and to the rules that regulate its diffusion and use.

The UKCA marking recognizes that Diathonite Sismactive complies with UK construction standards and the regulations governing its dissemination and use.

The comfort of sound insulation

Low thickness ecological thermal mortar

  • Thermal and structural mortar
  • M10 compressive strength, according to UNI EN 998-2
  • Low VOC emissions product
  • Natural and environmentally friendly product
  • Ideal for historical buildings
  • Product with double CE (EN 998-1 and EN 998-2) and
    double UKCA (BS EN 998-1 and BS EN 998-2) certification

Materials for an original performance

A homogeneous reinforcement on different masonry

Cork and lime, main constituents of Diathonite Sismactive, improve both seismic performances of buildings and in terms of thermal well-being and living comfort.


The special material of a fragile ecosystem


The inert that resists compression

Diatomaceous earths

The hidden treasure of the oceans

Hydraulic Lime

The hydraulic binder with high breathability

Natural fibres

Constant resistance and stability over time

Cork: the virtuous
bark of comfort

Natural, renewable, versatile and sustainable


Thermal well-being formula

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that designs the home of comfort

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