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Diathonite Thermostep.047



Diathonite Thermostep.047 ensures excellent performance compared to a traditional screed:

  • 4 times lighter;

  • 5 times more insulating;

  • 6 times more resistant with a minimum thickness of 3 cm;

  • can be directly coated with flooring;

Diathonite Thermostep.047 improves the thermal performance of a floor and keeps it breathable. It regulates moisture and resists mould due to its lime-based alkalinity. It is very workable and can be hand applied or be sprayed on to the floor with a plastering machine.

Cork plays a key role in thermal and acoustic insulation performance with its unique properties – lightness, strength, porosity – the deep foundations of excellence.

Diasen’s Diathonite screed can be used on floors of new builds or retrofits including heritage or listed buildings. It is non-combustible and does not emit smoke so will improve the fire safety of the building.

Thermal Conductivity

λ = 0.047 W/mK

The extremely low lambda implies insulation from both cold and heat, therefore it solves problems related to thermal bridges and guarantees a healthy environment and high living comfort.

Fire resistant


Classified in class A1 according to UNI EN ISO 13501-1. No flame generation and no smoke emission.


μ = 4

Thanks to the high value of permeability (μ), the humidity of the indoors is perfectly balanced, thus avoiding the formation of moulds and condensation.

Thermal Diffusivity

0.124 mm²/s

The low diffusivity value (α) indicates a high degree of insulation from heat and therefore greater comfort and savings for summer cooling.


380 Kg/m³

Its macroporous structure and the use of natural components allows the product to be lighter than a traditional screed. Its performance in terms of insulation and absorption of excess moisture is guaranteed.

Mechanical resistance

5 N/mm²

The presence of natural hydraulic binders, the product is class CS5 certified. It is also CE 13813 certified, thus declaring mechanical resistance class suitable for finishing screeds.


∆Lw = 22 dB
L’nw = 58 dB

Thanks to the cork and the porous structure, the product achieves excellent levels of impact sound insulation.

SSc Heat Island Reduction – Option1
MRc BPDO – EPD Option1
Sourcing of Raw Materials – Option 2
Material Ingredients – Option 2
EQc Low – Emitting materials
LEED v4.1 BD+C e ID+C
SSc Heat Island Reduction – Option 1
MRc EPD – Option1
MRc Sourcing of Raw Materials
MRc Material Ingredients Option 2
EQc Low – Emitting materials
X01.1 Material Restrictions
Restrict Asbestos
X02.1 Interior Hazardous Materials Management
Manage Asbestos Hazards
X01.3 Material Restrictions
Restrict Lead
X05.2 Enhanced Material Restrictions
Part 2 Select Compliant Architectural
And Interior Product
X06 VOC Restrictions
X08.1 Materials Optimization – Select Materials With Enhanced Chemical Restrictions option 1

Thermal comfort year-round

Defends against cold, protects against the heat:

  • Prevents from cold, protects against heat
  • Natural, sustainable, high-performance
  • High porosity, maximum lightness
  • Breathable, the anti-mould and condensation
  • Dehumidifying, for healthy living
  • Elastic, without cracks and fissures
  • Product with CE certification (EN 13813)


Thermal well-being formula

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