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The story of Diasen is a return to the future because what happens in the past influences and determines what we are but, above all, what we will be.

It all began in the 1920s when Lorenzo Pierantoni, in a small town near Fabriano, dedicated himself to soap production. He did it self-taught: he studied, produced and learned the techniques by immersing himself in the manuals of the modern soap maker at a difficult time, when being an entrepreneur meant being a misunderstood visionary, a lonely pioneer and a dreamer to be looked at with distrust.

Lorenzo’s experience and passion went through times of iron and fire and were consolidated in the decades following the Second World War, inspiring his granddaughter Angela and her husband Floriano Mingarelli to graft that legacy of culture and productive passion into a new entrepreneurial adventure: Italsolventi, a company of chemical products for the building industry, linked to the technologies of its time but led by Floriano with restless curiosity, openness to the new and a taste for experimentation.


Floriano loved to try and innovate, and he did so by mixing incompatible substances and universes, such as cork and cement, giving original form to a creative chemistry, without schemes, animated by alchemical intuitions inspired by the rediscovery of traditions and an indomitable desire for the future.

From this long journey in the year 2000, Diasen was born, a company capable of combining experience and vision in a journey that has changed the skin of a small innovative company that has become a leader in green building solutions: biomalta and cork and lime-based paints that recover and update the great tradition of Mediterranean building and living.

In its first decade of life, Diasen was strongly Italian, even in the choice of its markets. Then around 2010, thanks to Diego Mingarelli, Floriano’s son who took over the helm of the company after the founder’s death, Diasen began to think about growth in a different dimension, seeking increasingly challenging and fruitful experiences of internationalisation.

And it has done so together with a group of local boys and girls who have embraced its mission, learning in the field the sense and horizons of a challenge; young people who have begun to travel, to be tireless ambassadors of green solutions, assertors of sustainable comfort and advocates of technologies for the good and beautiful of man.

A great and choral work of growth that is rooted in what has been and refers with passion and energy to what will be.

Before Diasen looms a dynamic horizon, in motion, which the company faces and challenges with the spirit of forest sailors, with the flair of mountain corsairs rooted in the Franciscan and Benedictine Apennines but ready to reach the open sea with passion and courage.