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Products catalogue

Thermal and acoustic insulation

High technological content products, that combine in a single solution thermal insulation, acoustic insulation and dehumidifying capacity.


Products to restore, level, align and prepare any type of surface.

Cork based coatings

The perfect solution to obtain a continuous and innovative surface finish, able to makes unique any single ambient.

Finishes and decoratives

Colored products to finish and simultaneously protect and preserve the structures.

Waterproofing products

Products to waterproof, protect and preserve any type of structure from water infiltrations both in positive and negative pressure.

Water repellents

Products to waterproof permanently any type of vertical surface, or to create barriers against rising capillary dampness.


Multifunctional products to coat, protect and preserve, according to any different needs, any kind of structure.


Universal products able to ensure the correct anchoring of the materials on any type of surface.

Restoration mortars

Quick-setting mortars for structural reparation of masonry or reinforced concrete structures, also able to contribute to the thermal insulation of the walls.

Reinforcing meshes and tapes

Technologically advaced products for armoring and reinforcing of plasters, screeds and any kind of liquid membranes.


Complementary products, tools and machines for the application of Diasen products.