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There is also Diasen among the Italian excellences in sustainable building collected in the new report by the Symbola Foundation ‘100 Italian green building stories’ for having developed highly innovative biomalta and paints using natural raw materials, improving the thermal conditions of buildings and contributing to energy saving. The study reconstructs a virtuous map of companies, universities, research centres and non-profit organisations engaged in the development and dissemination of made-in-Italy technologies and solutions for sustainability and the circular economy.


Great satisfaction in the words of Diasen’s President, Diego Mingarelli: “We are delighted to receive such authoritative recognition as that of Symbola, because we are at the forefront of an exciting exploration, which is to seek out solutions, technologies and skills to enable a traditional sector such as the building industry to make a great leap in quality and become more sustainable and capable of designing functional and comfortable buildings.

Today, people want to live well and are very attentive to their own wellbeing; the spaces and buildings in which they spend most of their time are the place where awareness of sustainable comfort is first formed. And Diasen is at the service of this extraordinary evolution of building and living’.