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Diasen is the protagonist of a three-way pact made up of excellences from the Marche region that put their technologies together to create an innovative product with low environmental impact and low bills: the Hi Top oven. An investment of almost 285,000 euro for a top-of-the-range electric oven, the prototype of which has already managed to capture the interest of the market.

Three main players: Diasen, Clementi Forni and Visionar


The Marche Region’s Councillor for Productive Activities and Vice President Mirco Carloni visited Fabriano to test the value of this initiative on the ground.

“These entrepreneurs,’ observed Mirco Carloni, Regional Councillor for Productive Activities, ‘have shown us the route we must take in the next European programme. Industrial research, production capacity, the ability to understand markets and trends. We believe, and this is why we have approved a law, in ecosystems and supply chains. Today, the Marche region’s economy can only be strengthened through these networks. Mechanisation through subcontracting has impoverished us; we must return to being masters of production processes, create synergies and supply chains in the region.

Thanks to the application of Diasen’s cork-based thermal paint DECORK on the outer shell of the kiln, which prevents heat dispersion, the kiln reaches 400°C in no time at all, halving the amount of electrical power required, bringing significant savings on electricity bills and eliminating the risk of burns for users.



“The experience of cork paints is brought together in this wonderful collaboration,” said CEO Diego Mingarelli, “to provide thermal insulation and energy savings, as well as working on safety aspects. The kiln reaches 400°C when in operation, but only 50°C are measured on the surface of the outer shell. “The supply chain of the future is transversal,” Mingarelli added, “different minds have come together to achieve a new product made in the Marche region, which is not only innovative but also the result of traditional knowledge that has belonged to us for years.


This is an initiative born in the shadow of the seismic crater, a choice that looks to the territory, the future and the environment to which Diasen contributes with its innovative and green perspective in a framework in which the objective of the Marche Region was to strengthen the competitiveness of the supply chains by making companies join efforts through new technologies, contamination of sectors, improvement of the quality of products and production processes.



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