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Building areas


Flooring of a building, both flat or inclined, presents generally issues related to water infiltrations. Diasen waterproofing solutions allow a rapid and definitive waterproofing of any kind of floorings, choosing also the possibility to intervene onto already insulated surfaces with traditional old bituminous membranes, avoiding their disposal costs.

The multi-functional and flexible coatings also allow to realise surfaces suitable for many different purposes: driveable coverings, pedestrian coatings and highly reflective coatings to be used both to reduce the effects of sunrays, and to increase the efficiency of photovoltaic panels, that, more and more often, are being installed on building roofs.

Even the needs of a correct thermal insulation can be solved using Diasen systems: Diasen thermal insulating screeds allow to comply the parameters required by existing regulations without the risk of weight down too much the substrate.

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