Thermal – acoustic screed system

Realisation of a premixed thermal and acoustic insulating screed.


  • Thermal insulation
  • Acoustic Insulation

Solution for

  • Thermal dispersions
  • Noise transmission


  • Concrete
  • Cement
  • Brick
  • Masonry
  • Bituminous


This system involves the construction of a thermal-acoustic screed by using of Diathonite Screed and Diafon, a substrate mat for sound insulation from footfalls.

The system can be used both inside, where the screed is directly paved with tiles or wooden floors, and outside, where after the application of the screed it’s necessary to obtan an adequate waterproofing layer. The screed has a minimum thickness of 4 cm, but can be also made an higher level of thickness, in combination with fiberglass reinforcement armors.

  • It can be directly paved with tiles: the screed can be coated with tiles or parquet, avoiding the realisation of the footfall screed.
  • Lightweight solution: the system lightness allows not to overweight the support, a foundamental requirement in renovation projects.
  • Easy application: the system can be applied as for a normal screed.
  • Double insulation: the system insulates both thermally and acoustically.

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