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Building areas

Playing Surface

For the realisation of playgrounds, Diasen proposes solutions based on the use of liquid resins. These systems can be applied both on concrete and asphalt surfaces, and are composed by an intermediate cushioning layer, by a coloured finishing paint (UV and weathering resistant), and by a highly resistant special paint expressly created for the demarcation of playing court boundary lines.

These systems are available in two versions: the first one uses an intermediate layer with higher shock-absorbing characteristics and allows the creation of professional courts. These areas have been certified as Fast 5 from I.T.F. (International Tennis Federation), and are therefore ideal to host tournaments or official events.

The other solution, for the construction of amatorial playing courts, preserves during time the resistance of the surface to wear and weathering agents, ensuring game comfort and maintenance absence.

All Diasen products for sport flooring can be applied by brush, professional scrubbing brush, painting roller or airless.

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