Mat System for concrete surfaces

System studied for multipurpose sport courts such as tennis, basketball, five-a-side football, handball and volleyball, applied onto concrete. Suitable both indoor and outdoor.


  • Professional tennis court


  • Bituminous


This system is very versatile and studied for any kind of sport flooring courts applied onto concrete. It is suitable for tennis, volleyball, handball, basketball and five-a-side football. The system provides the use of a cushioned mat made of recycled rubber and a higly resistant non- slip top coat.

The main characteristics of this system are: elasticity, shock resistance, durability and versatility. It can be applied both indoor and outdoor and it is the ideal solution for multipurpose sport courts.

  • Playing comfort: cushioned surface for the best palying comfort
  • Non – slip surface: for maximum safety and stability
  • No maintenance: the surface do not require maintenance
  • Fast application: easy and fast application for a palying courts ready in few days
  • Perfect bouncing: the ball bounces perfeclty
  • Durability: it is a long lasting solution
  • Weathering resistance: excellent resistance to UV rays, weathering and thermal shocks

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