Mat System for concrete substrates

System specifically designed for the construction, on concrete substrates, of multipurpose playgrounds suitable for all types of sports, such as tennis, basketball, five-a-side football, handball and volleyball. System suitable inside and outside.


  • Construction of a multipurpose sports fields


  • Concrete
  • Cement


Highly versatile system for creating multipurpose sports surfaces on concrete substrates. It is suitable for tennis, volleyball, handball, basketball and five-a-side football. The system involves the use of a specific primer or vapour barrier, a shock-absorbing mat (made out of recycled rubber) and a highly resistant non-slip coloured finish.

Elasticity, maximum versatility, resistance to impacts and durability over time are the main features of the system. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor application, the Mat System is the ideal solution for multipurpose sports fields.

  • Playing comfort: shock-absorbing surface for maximum comfort in any situation
  • Non-slippery surface: maximum safety and stability
  • No need for maintenance: surface that doesn’t require particular maintenance over time.
  • Perfect rebounds: surface able to ensure a perfect rebound of the ball
  • Durability over time: solution designed to last over time, for definitive and lasting interventions
  • Quick and easy application: for a surface ready in a few days
  • Resistance to weathering agents: maximum resistance to UV rays, severe weather conditions and thermal shocks

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