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Partner delegations from Ireland, the United Kingdom and India attended the event on 20 and 21 September.

An opportunity focused on training and local culinary traditions, to renew and cultivate relationships that have been going on for more than 10 years.

A preview was given of the application of new Diasen solutions, with a triple goal: sustainability, living comfort and safety.

As stated by Diasen CEO Diego Mingarelli: “The partnership between Ecological Building System and Diasen is solid and long-lasting, and truly represents a positive relationship modelhe continuedwe study together the solutions to be adopted, we experiment new application systems, and we propose sustainable comfort concepts, typically Mediterranean, even in the Anglo-Saxon world. This approach to exchange and cooperation has allowed us to go beyond classic business relationships, and there is a strong feeling of closeness and friendship between us that is genuinely projected into the future. This is why hosting our friends from Ecological is always an opportunity to get to know each other and a moment of pleasure, as well as a model that, in these days of international hospitality, we have also experimented with our Indian partner, with whom we are going to develop our presence in the great Asian country.”