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Waterproofing concrete surfaces

Waterproofing for uneven substrates

Ultrabit can be applied at low temperatures and high ambient relative humidity to waterproof and level uneven surfaces.

Creating innovative waterproofing,
unique in nature and application

Environmental protection
is our identity

We use recycled polystyrene microspheres to formulate a unique insulation in the range

Recycled polystyrene

Bentonite (gelling agent)




Acrylic resin


Anionic bitumen

Rheological additive

Smart Drying Technology

Technological, innovative and versatile

Excellent performance for fast waterproofing

Solutions designed to ensure safe and long-lasting operations

Filming time

30 min

Break Elongation

91,40 ± 19,90

Tensile strength

0,42 ± 0,08 MPa = N/mm²

Sustainability certifications

Recognizes that Ultrabit has the ability to contribute to healthier spaces, healthy air, better thermal comfort and energy saving.

Performance certifications

The CE marking identifies Ultrabit as a product complying with European construction standards and the rules governing its distribution and use.

Easy, fast and seamless waterproofing

Fast filming in just 30 minutes

  • Quick film formation (within 30 minutes from the application).
  • Cold application in one coat up to 3 mm (0.12 in).
  • Fills cracks and irregularities of the support.
  • Withstand application at low temperatures and high R.H.
  • It does not require a reinforcement armour.
  • Creates a continuous layer without joints.
  • It can be applied on tiled surfaces in combination with Grip Primer (see technical data sheet).
  • Easy and quick application.
  • LEED product.
  • Product with CE certification (EN 1504-2).