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Building areas


The roof is a really important structure because it protects the whole building underneath. Diasen offer solutions both to waterproof and to thermal insulate such structures.

Liquid waterproofing systems allow to realize continuous insulating layers, without joints or weldings, which are usually the preferential ways of water infiltrations, and onto which it is possible to apply the finishing such as tiled roofs or other Diasen multifunctional coatings. On the other hand Diasen insulating sealants make possible to waterproof quickly and effectively those critical points such as fireplaces and chimneys, TV antennas, roof windows and skylights.

In terms of thermal insulation, Diathonite plaster and screeds, and panels made from natural fibers such as Fiberkenaf and Fibertex, represent innovative solutions for the construction of ventilated roofs.

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