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Diasen again a leader in France. The BCorp based in Sassoferrato, known worldwide for its solutions dedicated to the sustainable comfort of buildings, obtained a great recognition at the Batimat International Exhibition in Paris. A jury of specialists has, in fact, awarded the company for ‘Les Awards de l’Innovation du Mondial du Bâtiment’, recognising the innovative contribution that its green building solutions offer to environmental protection and the battle against climate change in a sector that is responsible for about half of global CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

Star of the two awards is the ultra-lightweight cork-based Diathonite Thermostep.047 thermal-floor, the latest-generation formulation of the ecological mortar’s line, pride of Diasen’s identity and reputation on the international markets. It has been awarded a profile of excellence both in the category “Preserving the climate and the environment” and in the “Interior & Garden” one, a mention reserved only to Diasen, the only one among the 27 companies honoured by the Paris jury to be the winner in two categories.

“We are honoured by the award that Batimat has given to our company,” declares the company CEO, Diego Mingarelli, “and how we interpret environmental protection and the fight against the climate crisis. France was one of the first countries to sense and enthusiastically welcome the innovation and ecological footprint of our solutions, and the award to Diathonite Thermostep.047 confirms this “elite affinity”. It is no coincidence that our company’s internationalisation path has found beyond the Alps a fundamental reference point for evolution and development. A history that has seen us play a leading role in major projects, including a number of metro stations in Paris and the renovation of important historical buildings in the capital, such as in Lyon and Béziers. I consider this award,Mingarelli concluded, ‘a step along a path of excellence, but also an incentive to consolidate and expand our presence in France.

Diathonite Thermostep.047 positively impressed the jury for its ability to combine ecology and performance, an increasingly crucial challenge for those who wish to bring together advanced technologies, sustainable comfort and green vocation. A thermal floor mortar that stands out for being so lightweight that it can be applied in minimal thicknesses while maintaining resistance levels and a positive effect on comfort thanks to its nature as a thermal-acoustic insulator that also provides fire protection. Disruptive strengths compared to traditional screeds that denote a capacity for innovation immediately grasped by the panel of Batimat specialists.

The recognition obtained in France adds to the many acknowledgements that the company has already received as a leading player in the building sector’s transition towards more environmentally friendly construction models.

In the last year alone, Diasen has received the ‘Leadership in Enterprise and Sustainability’ award from Green Building Council Italia, has been confirmed (by increasing its score) among BCorp companies, has been included among the excellences of sustainable building in the Fassa Bortolo – Symbola Foundation report, and among the ‘Green Heroes’ that Alessandro Gassmann, a popular actor committed to environmental issues, has described in his latest book.

The Diasen group, based in Sassoferrato (Ancona), is an Italian excellence in green building chemicals. Its products, made from natural raw materials such as cork, combine innovation and quality, sustainability and technology.

The use of cork, combined with other high-porosity natural raw materials, makes it possible to fully exploit the insulating and transpiring capacities of the incorporated air. Diasen uses leftover cork recycled from other processes as raw material, which is treated and refined to obtain a size compatible with the products and functional to their performance. Sustainable, ecological and natural solutions that include thermal, acoustic and dehumidifying insulation, but also decorative products and protective coatings.

A choice of differentiation that allows Diasen to express a strong identity and a relevant global projection; characteristics that combined with deep territorial roots allow Diasen to compete successfully on international markets: from North America to Oceania, passing through Africa and the Middle East, and with a particular and strategic focus on the large European markets.