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Our Australian partner Corkspray NSW from Sydney witnesses Diasen Experience.

The visit took place on 22 and 23 November at the head quarters of Diasen in Sassoferrato and was a fruitful moment of constructive discussion for both parties, as well as having better outlined the resolutions for 2023. The meeting was useful for outlining the better commercial relations (and not only) with our official partner.

“Alan’s visit –this is the name of our partner– was a necessary and strongly desired step on both sides, especially after the restrictions from Covid-19 had forced us to interface only online. The on-site experience of our collaborators it is a fundamental part of the company strategy, a unique opportunity for anyone who embraces our Mission & Vision of a more sustainable future: green building has a duty to make the spaces we live better and healthier.”

These are the words of Diasen’s CEO Diego Mingarelli, which make us understand very well the importance of human relations within an increasingly digitized company and working environment.

The local presence and involvement of our partners in initiatives and events is a fundamental part of the vision of social sustainability which has always been an integral part of the company philosophy. Cork is not only an exceptional raw material, but it is also and above all a delicate part of the supply chain and of the Mediterranean culture. The methods of use in green building do not only concern the technical application of the products coming from it, but also and above all the understanding of the roots that generate a unique technology, whose avant-garde lies in the deep roots of Mediterranean Building.

Diasen Experience offers the possibility of human, cultural and professional enrichment, making the magic of cork and other green building materials accessible even to people belonging to societies that are only apparently distant in terms of mindset.

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