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Decork Alfareflex

The union between reflectance and thermal comfort

The union between reflectance and thermal comfort

Decork Alfareflex ensures a high level of insulation from heat, thus enhancing energy savings and thermal comfort

Design and manufacture a revolutionary reflective paint,
unique in nature and efficiency

The avant-garde of materials

The raw materials used in the formulation that make it special have one common point: their natural origin. Make the most of the properties of one of the most effective thermal insulators present in nature: cork.

Water based

Cork: the virtuous
bark of comfort

Natural, renewable, versatile and sustainable

The environment is life,

Thermal comfort in the heart of the Mediterranean

“Most of the shadows of this life are caused by standing in one’s own sunshine.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Traditional paint

Decork Alfareflex

Energy saving

Avoids thermal shock, heat loss and overheating. Conductivity and reflection of the sun’s rays avoid heat overload, thus saving energy.

Hygrometric regulation

Contributes to the hygrometric regulation of the environment, avoiding mould and condensation.


The combination of elastic resins and cork provides elasticity and resistance to injury.

Ease of application

Facilità di applicazione

The ease of application makes it possible to renew facades in a short time, with a high-performance material.

Thermal insulation

λ = 0,055 W/mK

Contributes to insulation against heat and cold.



Allows the wall exposed to solar radiation to remain cool, ensuring comfort and energy savings.


Resistant to UV rays, weathering and salty environments.

Sustainability certifications

It identifies Decork Alfareflex as a low environmental impact product with a sustainability that involves all phases of its life cycle.

Recognizes that Decork Alfareflex has the ability to contribute to healthier spaces, healthy air, better thermal comfort and energy saving.

Performance certifications

The CE marking identifies Decork Alfareflex as a product complying with European construction standards and the rules governing its distribution and use.

Decork Alfareflex is recognized compliance and attention to atmospheric pollution. This product does not emit volatile organic compounds.


Thermal well-being formula

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The UV protection screen

Protect from the cold, protects from the heat

  • Excellent ability to reflect the sun’s rays
  • It favors energy saving and thermal comfort
  • It contributes to the hygrometric regulation of the rooms
  • High elasticity and injury resistance
  • Ease fo application