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Smart Drying Technology

The liquid waterproofing solution

Weather conditions, meteorology and changing climatic elements are traditionally external constraints that affect construction sites, resulting in a strong seasonality, which is a characteristic feature of the building sector.

For a long period, the building sector reacted passively to the weight of external constraints, adapting the products to the context and developing research related to that fact. Diasen has tried to break this approach pattern at the point where the effect of the meteorological component is most significant. That is, by imagining a profound evolution in the way of conceiving and implementing waterproofing. An applied research process based on some general directives: intercepting a demand for innovation, proposing effective and functional solutions, overcoming the application and performance limits of traditional products.

The waterproofing line

This is why Diasen has launched Smart Drying Technology, the line of waterproofing products applicable in every season and in difficult or extreme environmental conditions, when traditional products show all their limits of concept and formulation.

The Smart Drying Technology line excels for its innovative filming methods: considerably reduced times compared to a traditional waterproofing product and homogeneity over the entire thickness of the applied product. The film-forming qualities and the possibility of application in extreme conditions of humidity and temperature are the result of research focused on the use of the latest generation of structured polymers and nanotechnological fillers. This advanced technology projected into the future makes the Smart Drying Technology line a spearhead of the Diasen offer and a proposal capable of attracting and convincing by combining ease of application, flexibility and elasticity at low temperatures, economy and durability.


The mechanism

Compared to traditional products, the real revolution lies in the extraordinary speed of the film-forming mechanism in “critical” climatic conditions (up to 1 ° C and with relative humidity up to 98%). The line guarantees a homogeneous filming over the entire thickness, avoiding the risk of unsuitable filming.

Smart Drying Technology

Traditional Filming


SDT solves the typical problems of water-based coatings such as wrinkling, washout and bleaching in conditions of low temperature and high ambient relative humidity.


With the SDT line, compared to traditional systems, the field of applicability of water-based products extends up to the limit of 1 ° C and up to 98% of R.H. with a filming time of only 20 minutes!

Grafic 1. Filming timing and wash out resistance

Grafic 2. Applicability as a function of temperature and humidity

Smart Drying Technology

It is a line of products applicable in every season and ideal in extreme environmental conditions, up to 1 ° C temperature and 98% relative humidity, thanks to a film-forming system focused on the use of nanotechnological raw materials.

Acriflex Rapido

Quick drying and single component acrylic waterproofing, resistant to wash-out in just 20 minutes also with very low temperatures and high levels of relative humidity: it is the ultimate generation of protection for roofs, terraces, foundations walls.

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Quick drying and elastic bituminous waterproofing, resistant to wash-out in just 30 minutes also with very low temperatures and high levels of relative humidity: it is the ultimate generation of protection for roofs, terraces, foundations walls.

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Waterproofing paste with high-speed drying and thick application.

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High Performance

The products of this water-based one-component line stand out for their excellent performance which is the result of a technology based on nanotechnologies, elastomeric resins and structured polymers, whose assurance ensures high impermeability, durability and mechanical resistance.

The High Performance line guarantees great film-forming speed, about 20 minutes, and the possibility of being applied in difficult climatic conditions: 1 ° C and 98% humidity.

Acriflex X-Pro

Walkable acrylic waterproofing, resistant to stagnant water and reinforced with special micro-fibers: it is composed by water-based resins and it can be left exposed, as it is available in many colours. Suitable for roofs, terraces, foundation walls and under-screed applications.

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Acriflex Pro

Single component acrylic waterproofing with high resistance and flexibility, even at low and extreme temperatures, thanks to the innovative polymers of its formulation. It can be left exposed, it is ETAG 005 homologated and it is certified for asbestos encapsulation too.

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Oriplast Reflex

High performance waterproofing for roofs with excellent UV rays reflectance, resistant to stagnant water and flexible at extremely low temperatures. It improves the thermal comfort during Summertime and increases the capacity of photovoltaic panels.

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Technical Waterproofing

It is the line dedicated to waterproofing surfaces that require interventions in highly complex contexts: high humidity, supports in contact with the ground, concrete floors, containment tanks for liquids with a pH between 2 and 12.


Waterproofing in both negative and positive pressures, with an excellent resistance of up to 9.5 ATM. Made of three components, the material is perfect for underground walls, garages, cellars and concrete floors, to avoid any problem of rising dampness.

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Acriflex pH4

Cement fiber-reinforced liquid waterproofing membrane with high chemical resistance.

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Acriflex Fybro

Fibre-reinforced liquid waterproofing membrane made of cement, to waterproof balconies, terraces, tanks, swimming pools or foundations. Thanks to the presence of polypropilene fibers, it can be applied without the reinforcement mesh.

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Classic Line

It is the traditional water-based products line, easy to apply, flexible and elastic products, suitable to meet the most common needs without the need for performance in severe weather conditions and with drying times less linked to quick drying needs.

Acriflex Mono

Traditional single-component acrylic waterproofing, for indoor and outdoor applications, such as bathrooms, kitchens, balconies, roofs; it owns a good resistance to weathering agents, can be left exposed or can be also coated by ceramic tiles.

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O.R.A. Anti-rain

Transparent waterproofing for balconies, terraces and tiled surfaces in general. Solvent based product easy to apply, even for the do-it-yourself market, by roll or brush. It does not alter the aspect of the floor.

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