Luigi Bocconi University

Milan, Italy

Green building is culture

“Bocconi University was born as an opening to modernity, as an act of trust in progress and in its close relationship with the advancement of knowledge, always in dialogue with the outside world”, reads the University website, the first to offer the course in economics and commerce in Italy (it was 1902). An open mind whose imprint is clear even in moments of restructuring and rehabilitation. In the 21st century, being modern and having faith in progress also means, above all, sustainability. A very important value that Diasen was able to share with the project directors to renew and improve the study environment.

The technical pillars of the intervention

The intervention has been realised on classrooms of Luigi Bocconi University in Milan. Diathonite Acoustix plaster has been used for the realization of a sound-absorbing coating able to minimize the sound reverberation and thus ensuring its better diffusion in large environments such as the classrooms of the university.

On the concrete walls, after applying the adhesion adjuvant Aquabond, it was settled Diathonite Acoustix plaster with a thickness of 3 cm. In order to obtain the maximum sound absorbing coefficient specific of the Diathonite Acoustix plaster (70%), no finishing smoother was applied, thus not to occlude and therefore compromise the particular macroporous structure of the plaster. Then it was applied a white water-based paint directly onto the plaster.





Fire resistant

Euroclass A1

Used products

Diathonite Acoustix

Sound insulation and acoustic absorption premixed plaster, made of natural raw materials such as cork, natural hydraulic lime, clay and fibers, suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, for walls, ceilings, vaults, rounded surfaces and façades.

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Universal primer for plaster, adhesives, smoothers and resins.

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