Block 43, Novi Beograd

Construction of a new residential complex in Belgrade

Diathonite Thermactive.037 and Diathonite Evolution cork-based thermal plasters were chosen to improve the thermal comfort of the brand new ‘Blok 43’ building in the new residential and commercial area of Belgrade, called Novi Beograd.

It is a building that will host numerous offices and flats, which has been completely covered, both inside and outside, with our cork-based plasters, even with high thicknesses of more than 10 cm in some areas.

The project, signed by prominent architect Bojan Zabukovec, saw the application of Aquabond primer, Polites 140 mesh and Argatherm thermal skim coat, in addition to the two cork-based thermal plasters.


Design Studio: ZAPP

City: Belgrade

Country: Serbia

Time of realisation: 6 months



Diathonite Evolution

Diathonite Evolution materials are highly porous.
Air fills the alveoli and initiates a great
of thermal insulation.
Let’s put nature’s talent to good use.

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Diathonite Thermactive.037

The materials of Diathonite Thermactive .037
are highly porous.
Air fills the alveoli and initiates
a great thermal insulation action.
Let’s put nature’s talents to good use.

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Ready-to-use adhesion primer with granular aggregates
for the creation of an effective adhesion bridge
on the types of substrate
commonly found in construction

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Polites 140

Glass fibre mesh for use as reinforcement
of internal and external plasters
(Diathonite Evolution, Acoustix, Acoustix+ and Deumix+)
to prevent the formation of lesions.

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Argatherm is the most suitable thermal skim coat
for coating insulating plasters.
A performance that is also reinforced
by an aesthetically pleasing appearance, characterised
by a very slight roughness,
a distinctive feature of Costruire Mediterraneo.

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