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A new milestone in Diasen’s internationalization journey: the announcement of the new commercial partnership with NZEBShop, a Romanian distributor based in Bucharest. The recent visit of the NZEBShop team to the Diasen headquarters in Sassoferrato marked the official start of this promising collaboration.
The meeting was characterized by an atmosphere of enthusiasm and trust, with both parties committed to building a successful partnership in the Romanian territory. NZEBShop has shown a strong interest in the bio-mortars and cork thermal decoratives offered by Diasen, recognizing their potential in the building restoration sector.
“Our visit to Sassoferrato was extremely positive and we appreciated the warm and professional welcome from the Diasen team,” said Emilian Grigore, owner of NZEBShop. “We are excited about this collaboration and believe that together we can achieve extraordinary results in the Romanian market.”

Here the video from the official NZEBShop Youtube channel, which resumes the salient moments of the visit.

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