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Green Building

for a sustainable future

Diathonite Universe

Cork as synthesis of tradition and innovation

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Smart Drying Technology

The liquid waterproofing systems

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Sport & Pool

Coatings for sports systems and swimming pools

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Unique and innovative design

Elasticity, resistance and versatility

with Decokrete and Decork

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Why Diasen solutions were chosen

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Our cork is different

Our raw materials are the origin of a 100% Italian supply chain. Cork, a fundamental component of the Diathonite Line, comes from Sardinia, a place of centuries-old traditions


sughero per isolamento termicoCork
17 July 2023

Cork for thermal insulation: the soul of performance

Cork is a fundamental identity element at Diasen, the precious raw material that drives the quality of our products. Incredibly versatile, cork has found an innovative use in the green…
cappotto termicoThermal insulation
13 July 2023

Advantages of thermal insulation: sustainable living comfort

Living in a comfortable home is everyone's dream, but the price is often high: high utility bills and energy waste are just some consequences. Fortunately, there is a sustainable and…
riverberazioneAcoustic insulation
11 July 2023

Acoustic Reverberation and Architecture: How Space Design Can Affect Architectural Acoustics

Acoustic reverberation is a phenomenon that occurs when sound is reflected off the wall, floor and ceiling surfaces of a room, creating an echo effect and sound persistence. This effect…