Soundproofing system for partition walls

Sound insulation of partitions between separate housing units


  • Soundproofing

Solution for

  • Noise transmission


  • Brick


This system makes it possible to acoustically isolate the partition walls between distinct housing units, based on the parameters imposed by the regulations in force.
The system involves the realization of Diathonite Acoustix (and Argachem HP) for a sound-insulating plaster on both sides of the wall. The plaster layer is then brought to finish by using the Argacem Neutro smoothing compound, on which it is then possible to apply a water-based paint for interiors or a tile coating.
The system has a certified R’sw of 51 dB on a wall made of a 25 cm thick brick, with a density of 850 kg / m³, plastered with 2 cm of Diathonite Acoustix on both sides.

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