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Road with high traffic level

In addition to the paintings for road signs markings, Diasen proposes an innovative system to eliminate echoes and reverberations caused by the rumble of roads with high traffic level.

Diathonite plaster, the only one that guarantees a sound absorption coefficient of 70%, is been used each day more in combination with suitable waterproofing protection systems, to implement sound absorbing barriers in areas where roads with high traffic levels pass through villages and cities. Thanks to its high sound absorption coefficient, Diathonite plaster is able to absorb the sound wave preventing its further spreading before it would be perceived by people living in nearby buildings.

This system was applied in a stretch of A1 highway, near the town of Casalecchio di Reno. A unique system for its easiness and quickness of application, for the total absence of dangerous debris as a result of impact between a vehicle and the sound-absorbing layer, and for the recovery simplicity in case of eventual accident.

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