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Diathonite Regularization

Lime-based breathable restoration plaster and salt barrier

To prepare mechanically strengthen walls and protect against salt penetration

Diathonite Regularization should be applied directly onto the brick, block or stone of internal, external or partially underground masonry walls. All existing plasters, paint or surface finishes must be removed first.

It contains only natural materials and qualifies for LEED points.
It can be used in projects with strict environmental requirements.

The innovative materials

Diathonite Regularization is macroporous, formulate with specific raw materials that allow correct breathability of the masonry and stops the movement of water-soluble salts into the plaster.

Hydraulic Lime

The hydraulic binder with high breathability

Mineral aggregates

Aggregates that optimize the support

Anti-salt additives

The natural part of the barrier

Fire resistant


Classified in class A1 according to UNI EN ISO 13501-1. No flame generation and no smoke emission.

Compressive strength

4,30 N/mm²

Given the presence of natural hydraulic binders, class CS5 is obtained. This is declared (as certified by the CE 13813 marking) a mechanical resistance class suitable for finishing screeds.

Resistenza al vapore acqueo

(µ): < 8,0

Pareti libere di respirare per murature sempre asciutte.

Water absorption by capillarity

0,35 kg/m² h0,5

The intrinsic gaps included in the structure of the plaster allows it to absorb and dispose of moisture and condensation.


1230 (±10%) kg/m³

Thanks to cork and its porous structure, the product achieves excellent levels of impact sound insulation.


Thermal well-being formula

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Anti-salt and dehumidifying barrier

The best for substrate preparation

  • Breathable and workable
  • Ideal for historical restoration
  • Natural and ecological
  • Suitable for all cases of salinity
  • Respect the thermo-hygrometric balance of the support.
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • Product with CE marking (EN 998-1).