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Acriflex X-pro

Special formula that allows waterproofing without need for a reinforcement system.

Maximum flexibility for extreme temperatures

This product is characterized by a special formula that allows the product to have high resistance and elastic modulus (high resistance to crack bridging). Being that the product is fibre-reinforced, it does not require a reinforcement mesh. Moreover, it is flexible at very low temperatures (down to -25 ° C).

Design and implement a revolutionary waterproofing,
unique in terms of processing and performance

Safe performance
for extreme criticality

The formulation that makes this solution unique is composed by elastomeric resins and high modulus fibers. The latter ones are the secret for the high flexibility at low temperatures and the excellent crack bridging resistance performance.


High modulus

High Performance

Excellent strength, durability and performance

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Flexibility at low temperatures


Break Elongation


Adhesion test – direct traction on concrete

0,5 N/mm2

Weathering Test

1680 hours (10 years)

Load resistance

4 MPa

Sustainability certifications

Recognizes that Acriflex X-Pro has the ability to contribute to healthier indoor environment, reducing emissions of VOCs to zero.

Certifies that Acriflex X-Pro contributes to healthier indoor areas, improving indoor air quality and enhancing energy savings.

Performance certifications

The double CE marking (1504-2 and 14891) identifies Acriflex X-Pro as a product complying with European construction standards and the rules governing its distribution and use.

The “Asbestos Encapsulation Certified” certification guarantees the suitability of our product as an asbestos encapsulation solution.

SSc Heat Island Reduction – Option1
MRc BPDO – EPD Option1
Sourcing of Raw Materials – Option 2
Material Ingredients – Option 2
EQc Low – Emitting materials
LEED v4.1 BD+C e ID+C
SSc Heat Island Reduction – Option 1
MRc EPD – Option1
MRc Sourcing of Raw Materials
MRc Material Ingredients Option 2
EQc Low – Emitting materials
X01.1 Material Restrictions
Restrict Asbestos
X02.1 Interior Hazardous Materials Management
Manage Asbestos Hazards
X01.3 Material Restrictions
Restrict Lead
X05.2 Enhanced Material Restrictions
Part 2 Select Compliant Architectural
And Interior Product
X06 VOC Restrictions
X08.1 Materials Optimization – Select Materials With Enhanced Chemical Restrictions option 1

The fiber-reinforced single-component waterproofing

Easy application, excellent performance

One-component liquid waterproofing, walkable, water-based, resistant to stagnation, formulated with elastomeric and fiber-reinforced resins (such as Acriflex X-Pro). The product has excellent waterproofing power, remains flexible even at low temperatures, can be left exposed and resists to UV rays (1680 hours of weathering test), as well as to atmospheric agents, industrial and seaside areas. The product is suitable for application over concrete sheds, roofs, terraces, balconies, flashing, eaves, foundation walls, fibrocement slabs, as well as for indoor environments. In combination with specific primers, it is also used to waterproof smooth or slated bituminous membranes, existing floors, wood and metal surfaces and non-absorbent surfaces. Once the drying time has elapsed, the product can be tiled.