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Diasen makes its debut at the Milan Design Week 2024 with “The Forest in a room”, a work celebrating the Mediterranean beauty and the sustainable comfort. The work was created by the industrial designer Giulio Iacchetti and it will be exhibited at the renowned Rossana Orandi Gallery.

 The installation pays tribute to the Mediterranean and to the cork ecosystem, the main material of Diasen’s mortars and paints. The aim is for guests to experience being in a forest of cork, in close contact with nature and the materials it offers.

The floor, made of cork grain aggregated by a special bond course, and the trunk surfaces recreate the atmosphere of a cork forest. The surfaces are treated with paints that creates a sensory connection between people and materials; they satisfy the ancient and deep needs of comfort, healthfulness and beauty and they can convey the feeling of being in a cork forest.

 “THE FOREST IN A ROOM”  embodies our commitment to a form of design that satisfies aesthetics and that offers an authentic sensory experience by connecting with nature,” said Diego Mingarelli – president and CEO of Diasen. “This project represents the heart of our corporate philosophy: by combining sustainable materials with beauty and comfort, we create spaces that nourish the body and the soul. Biophilia reminds us that nature is our living space, it represents a concept that urbanization and technological modernity have put aside, but the truth is that we are made to be in nature and to keep this symbiosis alive. By using cork and by promoting an original vision that we called “Corkphilia,” we want to take this dimension back and bring it into every possible space, public and private.”

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