Acriflex Rapido - Fast-drying waterproofing

Liquid one-component waterproofing ready to use, formulated with elastomeric resins. Applicable both inside and outside, at low temperature and with high relative umidity level. It resists to wash-out within 20 minutes after application. Flexible, resistant to crack bridging and available in different colors.

Decork - Cork-based decorative coating

Discover what you will be able to realise with Decork, a finish with unique features.

Aquabond - Application of primer onto existing plaster

Application of Aquabond primer onto existing building, before the application of Diathonite Evolution thermal plaster.

Diathonite Screed - Application of cork based lightweight thermal screed

Application of Diathonite Screed, lightweight thermal screed made of cork, inside a residential building that needed to be refurbished.

Anticorrosive 2K - Restoration and encapsulation of reinforcing bars

Application of Anticorrosive 2K mortar for the encapsulation of reinforcing bars on the soffit of a terrace.

Walkable waterproofing with Acriflex Winter and Floorgum Paint

Appliction of Acriflex Winter and Floorgum Paint to waterproof a terrace subject to foot traffic.

Diathonite Cork Render - Renovation of existing facade

Application Diathonite Cork Render for the aesthetic improvement and protection from water of old facade.

Diathonite Evolution - Application onto existing masonry

Application of Diathonite Evolution thermal plaster directly to the existing brick masonry.

Watstop - Restoration of water infiltration and rising damp

Application of WATstop to restore a wet wall due to rising damp, water infiltration and chipped plaster.

Aquabit - Undertile waterproofing of a balcony

Use of Aquabit waterproofing on a balcony before the application of traditional tiles for outdoor.

Epoxy coating for floorings with Epokoat Epoxy Paint

How to make an epoxy flooring over concrete using Epokoat Epoxy Paint.

Application of the PROfessional System for multipurpose sport surfaces

Application of Diasen PROfessional System for professional multipurpose sport flooring onto bituminous binder.

Acriflex Fybro and Oriplast Reflex - Waterproofing of bituminous membrane

With Acriflex Fybro and Oriplast Reflex you can waterproof old bituminous membranes.

Application of thermo-acoustic plaster on old masonry

Application of energy upgrading system on the facade of an old solid brick masonry.

Aquabit - Waterproofing for foundation walls

Application of Aquabit to waterproof concrete foundation walls in just one coat.

Bentotelo - Application onto foundation bed

Application of Bentotelo, bentonite geosynthetic clay, to waterproof a foundation bed.

BKK - Water repellent coating for stone masonry

Application of BKK, clear and breathable water repellent, over stone masonry to prevent water absorption.

O.R.A. Antirain - Transparent waterproofing for tiled balconies and terraces

The videoshows the application of O.R.A. Antirain over a tiled balcony.

C.W.C. Stop Condense - How to eliminate mold

Application of C.W.C. Stop condense on the walls of a bathroom affected by mold.

Acriflex Winter - Two components cement-based liquid waterproofing

Application steps of the Acriflex Winter system used to waterproof the flat roof of a supermarket.

Diathonite Evolution - Thermal insulation onto new masonry

Application of Diathonite Evolution thermal plaster for the thermal insulation of a new brick masonry.

Oriplast Reflex - Ultra-reflective protection for bituminous and slated membranes

Application of Oriplast Reflex, ultra-reflective waterproofing coating, straight onto an existing bitumen membrane on the roof of an electrical substation.

Epofill Kit - Restoration of damaged cement industrial floorings

Use of Epofill Kit, multipurpose epoxy filler, to repair a damaged concrete industrial floor.

Asbestos encapsulation - Application of Verplast system

This video explaines the application phases of the asbestos encapsulation system, with Verplast coating.

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  • Diasen will be protagonist at The Big 5 Diasen will take part at the prestigious exhibition in Dubai from 26th to 29th November.
  • Diasen at Batimat 2017 From 6th to 10th November Diasen will be among the undisputed protagonists of Batimat, one of the most important building exhibitions. The company will present its latest top product: Diathonite Thermactive.037, a  super external insulation spray cork based. 
  • Diasen at FSB 2017 From 7th to 10th November, Diasen will take part in the most important european trade fair for amenity areas, sports and pool facilities: FSB in Cologne, Germany. A golden moment for our company, because we will propose our brand new Sport Flooring Systems and Swimming Pool Systems.
  • Diasen at "The Big 5 2017" During "The Big 5 2017" Diasen will present  its solutions for thermal insulation, dehumidification, restoration, waterproofing and functional coatings, as well as innovative decorative products  

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