Tourist residential complex

Tourist residential complex

Time of realization

30 days





The operation was carried out on a new construction of a tourist residential complex in the town of Alghero (SS).

The Diathonite Evolution thermal plaster has been used to realize a plaster cladding insulation on the external walls made of thermal bricks.

After having reached 3cm of thickness and having applied the smoothing Argacem HP on the walls, it has been applied the coating water repellent and transpirant Plasterpaint Colored. Before the application of Diathonite Evolution plaster, the concrete extensions were primed with the adhesion adjuvant Aquabond.

Besides the realization of the termal-acoustic plaster Diathonite Evolution, the waterproofing system Acriflex Winter has been used for the works into a swimming pool located in the center of the residential complex.

After priming the cement support through Grip Primer, the vertical and horizontal junctions were waterproofed by using the combined system of waterproofing Acriflex Winter plus the elastomeric band Safety Joint Roll. Subsequently the whole surface was waterproofed with Acriflex Winter combined to the armor Polites. In the end for the finishing of the swimming pool was applied the epoxy paint Epokoat Swimming.