Thermal and acoustic insulation - Private house - Catania

Thermal and acoustic insulation - Private house - Catania

Time of realization

1 month





Thermal and acoustic insulation Diathonite Evolution applied with a thickness of 30 mm. The plaster was applied after the application of Aquabond primer on to pillars. The application was done in two coats. It was then smoothed with Argacem HP smoothing render and painted with Plasterpaint coloured, breathable and water repellent paint.

Inside it was instead applied Diathonite Acoustix with a thickness of 15 mm, to replace the traditional plaster for inside. In this way they dramatically improved the breathability of the wall and the sound transmission. Diathonite Acoustix was smoothed with Argacem Neutro and painted with a breathable water based paint for interior.

The work was carried out in Catania, Sicily.