The restoration of the Royal Palace in Évora, Portugal

The restoration of the Royal Palace in Évora, Portugal

Time of realization

6 months





From the heart of the Marche region to the heart of Alentejo, a central Portuguese region characterized by endless expanses of Quercus Suber, the cork oak, the noble raw material of which the Diathonite plasters are composed, used in the beautiful refurbishment of the Royal Palace of Évora, also called Dom Manuel Palace.

The royal residence has returned to shine with our solutions that have made it possible to restore the ancient walls from humidity and at the same time have improved energy efficiency and thermal comfort, thanks to the use of Diathonite Evolution, applied with medium thicknesses of 50 mm both inside and outside.

The historic center of Évora, where the building is located, is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, thus demonstrating that Diasen solutions are the perfect answer to the needs of preserving the historical integrity of buildings and to ensure sustainable renovations, just like in the case of this fundamental witness of the Portuguese architectural Renaissance.