"Sorina" farmhouse

"Sorina" farmhouse


Arch. Piero Provera

Company executor

Impresa Ratti Intonaci


S.S.A. Sorine

Time of realization

1 month





This refurbishment and energy upgrading work was realized on an old structure situated in Moncalvo, province of Asti.

It was used the complete Diasen system to realize a thermal insulation plaster, compatible both over the old stone masonry of the ground floor and the brick walls of new construction. As a first phase the old plaster was removed, since it was completely damaged, over the entire perimeter of the external masonry at the ground floor. Later on it was applied the premixed mortar CLS Premix. In this way it was consolidate the old masonry and at the same time it was realized the ideal support for the application of the thermal plaster Diathonite Evolution.

It was realized a total thickness of about 7 cm for the entire area of the ground floor, applied in three different coats using a plastering pump. Once the first coat was applied, the plaster was smoothed. After 15 days, over Diathonite plaster was applied the finishing skim coat Argacem HP. After 7 days, the surface was paint using the breathable and water repellent coloured finishing paint Plasterpaint, applied by roll.