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Heat losses

Materials and systems to limit heat losses of buildings, ensuring the comfort of indoor living.

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Water infiltration

Waterproofing solutions for all types of surfaces and to avoid the problems of water absorption by structures.

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Rising dampness

Materials and systems for the encapsulation, cutting and disposal of capillary rise of moisture in correspondence of vertical walls.

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Moulds and condensations

How to deal with the consequences arising from the formation or excessive condensation indoor.

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Acoustic reverberation

Soundproofing plaster able to eliminate acoustic echo, reverberations and rumbles to ensure acoustic comfort indoor and outdoor.

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Noise transmission

Soundproofing materials for proper acoustic insulation of external walls, partition walls, floors and roofs.

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Reinforced concrete deterioration

Solutions for the restoration of reinforced concrete , from the reinforcing bars to the restoration with high resistance mortar.

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Floor cracks

Solutions for fast and definite restoration of cement flooring crack typical of industrial buildings, workshops and garages.

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Restoration of bituminous membranes

Solutions for the protective treatment and restoration of waterproofed surfaces through traditional bituminous membranes.

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Asbestos encapsulation

Solutions for the encapsulation of asbestos surfaces, in accordance with local current regulations.

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How to remove and permanently delete the formation of iron oxide on surfaces, armors and metal manufactures.

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Concrete restoration

Premixed mortars with high resistance for the consolidation and structural restoration of concrete structures and surfaces.

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  • Diasen will be protagonist at The Big 5 Diasen will take part at the prestigious exhibition in Dubai from 26th to 29th November.
  • Diasen at Batimat 2017 From 6th to 10th November Diasen will be among the undisputed protagonists of Batimat, one of the most important building exhibitions. The company will present its latest top product: Diathonite Thermactive.037, a  super external insulation spray cork based. 
  • Diasen at FSB 2017 From 7th to 10th November, Diasen will take part in the most important european trade fair for amenity areas, sports and pool facilities: FSB in Cologne, Germany. A golden moment for our company, because we will propose our brand new Sport Flooring Systems and Swimming Pool Systems.
  • Diasen at "The Big 5 2017" During "The Big 5 2017" Diasen will present  its solutions for thermal insulation, dehumidification, restoration, waterproofing and functional coatings, as well as innovative decorative products  

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