Restoring of the Kavkaz Bar in Zagreb

Restoring of the Kavkaz Bar in Zagreb

Time of realization

1 mounth





Diasen's Dehumidifying System was chosen to restore the walls of the central Kavkaz Bar in Zagreb, located right in front of the National Theater of the Croatian Capital. The building was subjected to extensive problems of rising dampness due to high level of groundwater and negative thrusts: for this reason the walls were first treated with the three-component waterproofing epoxy-based WATstop. Afterwards, to ensure a good dehumidifying performance, the walls have been coated with Diathonite Deumix+, our plaster made of cork and natural hydraulic lime NHL 5, and finally finished with the Argatherm smoother.

Diathonite Screed fiber-reinforced cork based was applied to the floors of the structure.