Renovation and energetic requalification

Renovation and energetic requalification


Architect: Mr. Sergio Biglieri

Company executor

Baldassarre Franco company

Time of realization

30 days





The operation was carried out on the internal and external facades of the walls of an old building located in the town of Viguzzolo (AL). The structure was built in the 1930's with bricks of the average thickness of 25cm.

After the removal of existing plaster, wich was ruined, the thermal-plaster Diathonite Evolution has been applied directly to the original masonry. The total thickness realized was 8 cm, divided into internal (4cm) and external (4 cm) facade.

Finished the application of the plaster Diathonite Evolution, the smoother Argacem HP was applied to the external facades and the Argacem Neutral to the internal ones.