Dehumidifying system for semi-underground rooms

Remediation to rising damp and thermal insulation for semi-underground rooms


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  • Cimento
  • Tijolo
  • Pedra

Domínio de utilização

  • Saneamento de humidade

When there is a semi-underground wall with rising damp problems inside the masonry, Diasen system provides for the internal intervention using WATstop in combination with the antisalt Diathonite Regularization and the dehumidifying plaster Diathonite Deumix, a product based on natural hydraulic lime, highly breathable, with an excellent μ value equal  to 4.

The application of WATstop allows to consolidate the underground wall degradated by the high pressure of moisture and at the same time permanently blocks the spread of moisture. Diathonite Regularization works as anti-salt barrier and it helps solving rising damp problems, enhancing the dehumidifying action of the macroporous plaster. Its breathability characteristics guarantee and excellent vapour permeability thus allowing the right breathability of the masonry and at the same time blocking the diffusion of cristal salts.

Diathonite Deumix plaster, applied over the previously made regularization, thanks to the presence of macropores, allows to obtain an excellent hygrometric exchange with the environment, avoiding the formation of efflorescence and the erosion of the masonry. The dehumidifying action is helped by the good thermal performance of Diathonite Deumix (λ=0.080 W/m°K). Effectively eliminating the moisture due to hygrometric problems, it is possible to avoid the formation of condensation, the main cause of molds and unsafe environments.

This is the only system that combines in a single operation capabilities of sanitation and dehumidifying with the high thermal insulation capacity, thus creating a genuine system of rehabilitation and energy efficiency upgrading. Consequently, the system ensures consistency and continuity of insulation, because the humidity will be continuously discarded and the insulating layer will remain dry.

To complete the system it is applied the smoothing finishing Argacem Neutro on which it is possible to apply traditional paint for interiors.


  • Dehumidifying system: the system is able to solve the main problems related to rising damp
  • Fire resistant: Euroclass A2
  • High dehumidifying and hygrometric power: the system is able to absorb and release up to 1 l/sqm, and thanks to its high breathability it is able to balance the hygrometric equilibrium of the rooms
  • Eco-friendly and natural system
  • It does not need high thicknesses: the system adapts itself perfectly to the surface to be treated, even if it is irregular, avoiding the formation of air room and reducing the required thickness
  • Very fast application system (application by pump)
  • It combines thermal insulation characteristics with those of dehumidifying, realizing a real consolidation and energy upgrading system
  • System designed specifically for internal application in underground rooms

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