Soft Paint

Soft Paint

One-component coloured finishing coating, formulated with water-based acrylic resins. To be used as finishing coating of Evolution system (Professional line), for professional tennis courts ITF 2 certified.


1.2 kg/m²

Tempo de secagem


Value referred to 20°C and 40% of relative humidity



As cores indicadas são para fins ilustrativos. É possível produzir cores personalizadas.


25 kg plastic bucket

Soft Paint is a finishing coloured coating formulated with water-based resins and granular inerts (granulometry: 0,06 - 0,6 mm). To be used as finishing layer on systems for professional tennis courts ITF 2 certified. The product can claim remarkable anti-slippery properties, high resistance against usury, UV rays, weathering and thermal shocks. Suitable both for indoor and outdoor.

It's a product of Professional line - Evolution system.


  • Walkable and anti-slip;
  • Excellent cushioning features and excellent capacity to absorb shocks;
  • High resistance to weathering, UV-rays, frost and thaw cycles, salty air and salts;
  • Easy and quick to apply;
  • Highly elastic;
  • Solvent free product


Aspeto: Líquido

Componentes: Único componente

Granulometry: 0,06 - 0,6 mm.

Resistance to weathering test: 2000 hours without alterations

Resistance to abrasion (Taber test - 100 rpm with CS-10 wheels): 0,099 g of abraded material

Resistance to freeze-thaw-cycles (-15°C +15°C): unchanged

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