Safety Joint Top


1.00 m/m

It is recommended to consider at least an overlapping of 1 cm.

Tempo de secagem


Drying not needed.


 Rolo 15 x 0,075

36 caixas - 8 rolos

Self-adhesive sealant tape composed of a mixture based on butyl rubber spread on a hydrophilic polypropylene. The product can be used in all cases where it is necessary, on one hand, to have an effective adhesion on materials such as concrete, plasterboard or marble, and, on the other, to provide a finished surface, rough and absorbent.


  • Highly elastic
  • Total adhesion over the support
  • Reduced application time
  • Extreme workability, plasticity and deformation
  • High heat stabiliy
  • Solvent free


Aspeto: Rolo

Adhesion over concrete: 0,9 N/m2

Peel adhesion at 90°: ≥90

Tensile resistance (longitudinal and transversal): >100 N/50 mm

Elongation to break (longitudinal and transversal): >70%

Punching resistance: ≥ 80 N

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