Decork Alfareflex 0,2

Ultra-reflective white-coloured cork-based coating for façades and roofs, to give buildings a new skin: it is highly elastic and water-repellent, breathable and it ensures a high thermal comfort everyday of the year.


0.9 kg/m²

 Value referred to a thickness of 2 mm (0.08 in) in two coats.

Tempo de secagem


With 23°C / 73.4°F of temperature and 50% of relative humidity.



As cores indicadas são para fins ilustrativos.


18 kg plastic bucket.

Decork Alfareflex is the most innovative coating for façades and roofs: it has been designed after years of research and development and it is able to ensure many benefits to the buildings.

It is the very first cork-based reflective coating with a fine texture (cork grain size 0 - 1 mm; 0 - 0.04 in) that reflects more than 80% of sun rays during the Summer season, for this reason it helps improving the thermal comfort during the hot season, because it avoids the overheating of indoors; moreover, it increases the energy saving because less heat means less air conditioning

Decork Alfareflex ensures a typical white Mediterranean look on the façades, for this reason it is perfect for seaside areas, but also for countryside buildings.

In addition to this, it ensures a high eleasticity value and an extremely good crack bridging ability, which avoids cracks and then it improves the living and thermal comfort during the Winter, because of cork, which is a natural insulation material. 

It is perfect for façades and roofs because of its repellency to water, to ensure a total protection against rain water, and then it is breathable at the same time, avoiding mould and condensations indoor.


  • Excellent reflective capacity of solar rays.
  • Low absorption of UV rays.
  • It improves the thermal and living comfort of the buildings.
  • It contributes to the environment hygrometric regulation.
  • High elasticity and resistance to cracks.
  • Easy and quick application.
  • No need to mix it, as it is already coloured in white in factory.
  • LEED certified.
  • CE marked.
  • VOC free.


Aspeto: Massa

Componentes: Único componente

Thermal conductivity (λ): 0.086 W/mK.

SRI: 100 %.

Emissivity: 0.889.

Solar Reflection: 0.806%.

Elasticity: 60%. 

Crack Bridging: Class A5 .

Weathering Test: 1680 hours.

Vapour transmission:  Class V3.

CO2 permeability: Class C1.

Water permeability: Class W2.

Gloss: Class G3.

Grain size: Class S1.

Thickness: Class E5.

Adhesion on concrete after the freeze/defreeze cycle: 0.67 N/mm2.

Adhesion on concrete: 1.17 N/mm2.

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