Argacem MP

Skim coat with medium size granules to smooth dehumidifying plasters.


3 kg/m²

Value referred if used on top of Diathonite Deumix.
If used to Diathonite Evolution, the coverage is 4,0 kg/m2

Tempo de secagem


Value referred to 20°C and 40% relative humidity.



Paper bag 25 kg.

Highly breathable skim coat with medium size granules to smooth dehumidifying plasters. The macro porous structure of the material imporves the dehumidifying properties of the plaster, favouring the hygrometric balance of premises, while the anti bacterial action of lime eliminate mould. 

The product is based on hydrated lime, micronized carbonates, marble powders and specific binders. It has a high workability both for the application and troweling, excellent mechanical resistances and high vapour permeability.


  •  CE marked.
  • Highly breathable.
  • Optimum coverage of the flaws or cracks in the substrate.
  • It avoids the formation of moisture thanks antibacterial function of the lime.
  • Excellent dehumidification properties.
  • Combine with Diathonite Deumix keeps a great comfort hygrometric.
  • Natural raw materials.
  • Excellent aesthetic effect.


Aspeto: Pó

Componentes: Único componente

Granulometry: 0 - 0,5 mm.

Resistance to fire: class A1.

Breathability: μ=8.

Resistance to compression: ≥ 3,5 N/mm2.

Resistance to flexion: ≥ 1,5 N/mm2.

Adhesion to concrete ≥ 0,50 N/mm2.

Capillarity water absorption ≤ 1,50 kg/m2 min0,5.

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