Argacem HP

Argacem HP

Breathable smoothing skim coat, to finish external and internal plasters, ideal for Diathonite plasters. 


1.4 kg/m²

± 10%. Value referred to 1mm of thickness.
4.2 kg/m2 +/- 10% for 3 mm of thickness on Diathonite plasters.

Tempo de secagem


Value referred to a temperature of 20°C/68°F and 40% relative humidity level. 



As cores indicadas são para fins ilustrativos.


25 kg paper bag.

Finishing powder smoother formulated with natural raw materials such as hydrated lime, natural filler and pure limestone powder. These raw materials give to the product antibacterial properties, as well as vapour permeability features. This is the ideal product even for high thickness and it guarantees an excellent level of substrate covering.


  • In combination with Diathonite plasters it guarantees an excellent thermal-hygrometric comfort.
  • It can be applied with high thickness to obtain a flat and regular surface.
  • Excellent breathability and workability.
  • High covering of potential flaws or cracks of the substrate
  • Multipurpose.
  • It avoids mold thanks to the antibacterial function of lime.
  • Natural raw material. 
  • Excellent aesthetic aspect.
  • CE marked.


Aspeto: Pó

Componentes: Único componente

Thermal conductivity:  ≤ 0,2 W/mK.

Grain size: 0 - 0.6 mm.

Fire reaction: class A1.

Breathability:  μ≤15.

Average compression resistance after 28 days : 3.50 N/mm2.

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