Our history

Italsolventi (former Diasen) starts the manufacturing of industrial solvents.
The range of products includes also the first generation of special coatings for the construction industry.



Italsolventi markets a mono-component liquid waterproofing called Acriflex.


Italsolventi starts the development of sustainable building products for the Green Building.

Sand and cement?
Why not cork and lime?
The roots of sustainable architecture find a fertile soil in the land around Fabriano, one of the most developed and active industrial areas in Italy.



It comes to life Diathonite, the cork based compound for thermal insulation and humidity buffering.



Another important product is added to Diasen’s range: Watstop, An innovative epoxy-cement resin to refurbish water infiltration damages.

The Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics utilises Diasen’s solutions to buffer humidity levels in its laboratories of Legnaro and Gran Sasso.

Diasen’s flooring solutions are applied in the Frasassi Caves. Every year 300,000 people walk safely over Diasen’s resins.

O.R.A. Anti-rain


O.R.A. Anti-rain the invisible, transparent waterproofing.

From the merging of Diathonite and Sentinum (the name of the ancient roman town of Sassoferrato), the brand Diasen is born. It represents the range of products for sustainable construction of Italsolventi.

C.W.C. Stop Condense


C.W.C. Stop Condense is the sole and definitive solution to stop surface condensation and mould growth.

Floorgum Paint


The first water-base resin for sport facilities is developed: Floorgum Paint.

UNESCO selects the Diasen’s products for the refurbishment of “Old Havana”, the historic centre of Havana in Cuba

The production of solvents is completely abandoned. Italsolventi becomes Diasen , whose only focus is the manufacture of environment friendly products.

Acriflex Winter


Acriflex Winter overcomes all the limits of previous mono-component acrylic resin waterproofings.

Diasen’s solutions for rising dampness are chosen as part of the refurbishment of the Campidoglio Palace in Rome.

Diasen cooperates in the building of the National Stadium of Abuja, Nigeria, with its waterproofing solutions.



One coat waterproofing? There is Aquabit.

Diathonite Premix


Diathonite becomes a ready mixed product: Diathonite Premix revolutionises the world of external wall insulation (EWI) systems



A single primer for any substrate: Aquabond, The ready-to-use primer that sticks even on glass.

The Spanish Public Work chooses Diasen waterproofing solutions for the viaducts of the high-speed railway between Barcelona and Madrid.

Diathonite Evolution


Diathonite is still evolving... With Diathonite Evolution the desired high performance of thermal plasters becomes reality.

Oriplast Reflex


With Oriplast Reflex the waterproofing becomes reflective and improves the energy efficiency of buildings

The Italian University “Luigi Bocconi” chooses Diasen’s sound absorbing solutions to improve the acoustics of its auditoriums.

Diatherm PRO


Diasen releas Diatherm PRO a free software for thermal calculation, downloaded by over 90.000 technicians.

The Aquarium of Genova, one of the largest in the world, chooses Diasen’s waterproofing solutions.

San Salvador De La Punta


The majestic Fort of San Salvador de la Punta, which overlooks the Havana bay since 1559, is refurbished with Diasen’s solutions.

The Italian motorways company, “Autostrade Spa”, sound-proofs its tunnels with Diathonite Acoustix.

Parque de Espana


Diasen’s solutions are applied in Colombia in the Public Library “Parque de Espana”, futuristic project of the architect Giancarlo Mazzanti.

The University and City Council of Florence select Diasen as technological partner for the project “Prospettive Fiorentine”, whose aim is to improve the efficiency and aesthetics of the peri-urban buildings.

Floorgum Tyre


The resin for car parks becomes a mono-component water based product: Floorgum Tyre.

Diasen earns the “Good Energy Award” thanks to “its focused research and investments for the development of green-oriented solutions”.

Diathonite is the first thermal insulation plaster to earn the “Avis Tecnique”, the prestigious certification of the rigorous French research laboratory CSBT.

Green Italy


Diasen is included within the TOP100 “Green” companies in Italy, in the survey “Green Italy” by Unioncamere, Foundation Symbola and the Italian Environment Agency.

Diathonite Cork Render


The coloured finishing coat evolves. Diathonite Cork Render colours, protects, improves thermal peformance and replaces any skim coat.



Diasen received two important awards in France and Portugal

An intensive November at Diasen. The leader company in the green economy was awarded with two important recognitions: the “I-novo Awards” in eco-friendly category at the International Batimat fair in Paris (France), and the award “Eccellenza” Construction Refurbishment category received during Concreta fair, hosted in the city of Porto (Portugal).

Decork is born!

Diasen develops Decork in 2016, a special decorative coating based on cork and water resin. It has a high termal-insulation power and it is water repellent as well as breathable. This eco-friendly product has been studied for creating decorative effects on walls, ceilings and floors.



The Revolution made by the Smart Drying Technology.

The waterproofing line with Smart Drying Technology is born. A system that overcome the limits of the application of the water-based traditional liquid products in critical climates conditions.

Its secret? The innovative filmation mechanism that proceeds fastly through the whole thickness of the film applicated.

Diathonite Thermactive. The Thermal coat based on cork-spray.

The 2017 marks the Diathonite Thermactive birth, a real innovation on thermal insulation field. It is a thermal coat based on cork and diatomaceous powders, applicable in both indoor and outdoor environments. It is the perfect solution for thermal insulation and dehumidification, with a Lambda of 0,037 Wm/K. Moreover, it is lightweight, thermal, eco-friendly and breathable.